This is a space where FAITH, love, and life beautifully intertwine, as ingrid Pickett facilitates the dreams of women, beautifying each person from the inside out. 



Ingrid Pickett, faith-based life coach, has helped countless women across the world live the life they always dreamed, beginning with establishing a solid foundation rooted in faith, confidence, clarity, and love. Her goals for your life are limitless!


Overcome obstacles

Formulate new goals

Re-strategize existing goals

Create an action plan for your deepest desires


Digging deep and facing the person in the mirror is no easy task, but in order to live in peace and change the atmosphere in which you influence, Ingrid believes you must do the work, in prayer, with faith, as she encourages you to take care of yourself first so that you nor anyone else receive your leftovers.


The best version of you is waiting!


A woman of many hats - life coach, counselor, keynote speaker, and  creative

Ingrid's passion for others' happiness and respective goals run deep, as she utilizes her spirit of discernment, profound wisdom, and unique life experience to provide an array of people-centered services such as crisis counseling, life coaching, group coaching, and public speaking. Ingrid is a self-proclaimed expert at living by faith, acquiring and maintaining a healthy prayer life, and walking in love, as each of her decisions, movements, and goals are strongly rooted in Christ's principles. ​

Attention couples!


Through the "Love First Marriage Movement," Ingrid and her husband, Todd, offer couples counseling,  mentorship, marriage maintenance, and more! Strengthen  your relationship with the "Love First Marriage Movement!"

Ingrid Pickett purposefully crafted "The 40-Day Wives’ Devotional," a refreshing and inspirational daily guide for wives who desire a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with God and their husband. This devotional study was prayerfully composed during Ingrid's journey of over 27 years with her husband, skillfully and soundly utilizing scripture, biblical concepts, and practical challenges to nourish your marriage to one that is blissful, loving, intimate, and fun.


Daughters of Promise are 130 women professionals from around the world whose stories of transformation were discovered through the process of their journey to experiencing God’s promise manifest in their lives. "Promise," the compelling 130-women devotional, is available for purchase on July 30, 2020!


creating IN faith

As Ingrid helps women create their best, most confident life, she has also uncovered additional creative passions - painting and fashion. Ingrid specializes in acrylic painting techniques to create beautifully versatile, one-of-a-kind works of art, perfect for your sacred spaces. In addition, on behalf of the "Love First Marriage Movement," she has created a casual apparel line, perfect for men and women of all ages.

Ladies, please remember -


You are cherished and your identity  is based on the finished work of the Cross. You are valuable. You are worthy. You are simply wonderful in His eyes.   Sisters in Christ, take your high place as fellow heirs in the Kingdom of God.