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Ingrid Pickett is an extraordinary woman of God, a true creative utilizing every last gift God has given her in an effort to leave people better than she found them.

Ingrid’s mission is clear – remain obedient to God while giving people a different, colorful perspective of life and love, challenging individuals to grow, go further than ever imagined, and thrive outside their comfort zone.

As a faith-driven believer with a strong conviction to empower women, Ingrid coaches women from all walks of life, beautifying each person from the inside out. She is a woman who effortlessly wears many hats – life coach, mentor, midwife, ordained prophet and pastor, and lover of the arts – and her God-given gifts have uplifted, elevated, and improved the lives of countless women around the world.

When Ingrid isn’t spending time with her mentors or nurturing her life coach and speaking business, she is pursuing her love for fashion, painting, and art. Ingrid’s art collection is a true reflection of her edgy and optimistic outlook and her love of love.

Ingrid and her husband, Todd, have been married for 28 years, currently reside in Leesburg, Virginia, and are the proud parents of their two children, Darrian and Todd II.  

"Beautifying women, from all walks of life, from the inside out."

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