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Life Makeover Strategist, Speaker, & Counselor

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RESTYLE & RESET Intensive 


One of my deepest greatest desires is to help women be resilient, have peace, and become who God created her to be, opposed to what life has dictated her to be.  I’ve been through a lot:


Pain from my childhood including:

Being bullied



As an adult:


Low self worth

Pain from rejection 


I want to share how I have overcome and have gotten on this side of life.  I know I have the goods to help you do the work, and it will be worth it.

Unfortunately there are many women who have not properly healed from the pain of the past.

Many are covering up and living a life full of pain that has not been addressed and suppressed. 

These women end up having to rediscover who they were actually created to be because:

They loose themselves.  

They loose their voice.  

They loose their ability to meet up with purpose and travel on their own destiny path.


I want to spend 10 weeks with you to discover the authentic you God created. 

 Our Restyle and Reset intensive is a life changing experience that will help with all of the above.



*I call myself “a disrupter.”  Disrupting negative generational patterns.  At the same time assisting women to create a positive trajectory for themselves and future generations to come.


What you will come away with from this intensive:

*Sure up your belief system from negative to optimistic 

*Disrupt negative generational patterns

*Discover The Art of being a whole woman

*Confront and conquer any pain of the past

*Shift to a growth mindset

*Identify who you were created to be opposed to who you are showing up as today.

*Manage negative emotions, negative thoughts and Decision making.

*Identifying a wider scope for life.


Overcome the Residue from:




Pain from bullying

Abandonment from a parent or both parents 

And much more 


Join me for our 10 week Intensive.

You don’t want to miss it.


Growth happens when healing  begins! Your life redesign journey starts now. As part of your spiritual and personal growth journey, Ingrid will provide you with spiritual and practical strategies and steps for you to become whom you were created in life. The Life Redesign one-on-one growth and counseling sessions are interactive and informative sessions that help you to discover entry points of rejection, expose spiritual strongholds, and eliminate blood line cycles.

Through interactive, one-on-one sessions, Ingrid also provides crisis management strategies and solutions for life-changing events, including, but not limited to, divorce, job loss, and infidelity.


Life Makeover Strategist & Speaker, Ingrid Pickett, helps women to redefine, rediscover, and re-establish their life through her RESTYLE & RENEW sessions, the-real-you approach to helping women transform their lives through

creative coaching.

Life Crisis and Situational Management

Motivational and Faith-Driven Speaker

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