Stuck on Stupid

Walking on the treadmill at speed 3.5 and on a 6.0 incline, with my music blasting in my ear; I was feeling pretty good. The song that was playing in my ear was “You deserve it” by J.J. Hairston and Youthful Praise! I have been working out a week and a half after being in the bed for three weeks.


I finally felt like I have gotten my groove back. I’m feeling more knowledgeable and accomplished. I use to walk with no incline at speed 3.0 until my good trainer told me I was not burning much, if any calories. So, I felt like I’m really doing something walking on an incline and all! Not to mention my very good strength training that comes after the mile walk!

In a Great mood!

I began to really feel that song in my soul, and began to thank God and really worship Him. Now mind you I was in the gym with this man on the right of me walking, and a woman on the left on the elliptical. I wanted to raise my hands and sing to the top of my lungs, “YOU DESERVE IT, YOU DESERVE ITTTTTTT!! But I did not do that and freak out those people next to me on both sides. So I just sang real loud inside of me.  LOL!

And then I heard these words from this strong voice:

“Do you really believe that I deserve your worship, and your praise”.

Before I could answer that voice continued

“Today I am breaking the ceiling off from above your head that has kept you from fully trusting, and having crazy Faith in me no matter what happens or comes your way. That’s who you are Ingrid, and I am going to make sure that girl comes back, and exceeds what she could ever imagine!

Of course I really don’t like disappointing God. That is not an option for me, so I began to repent and really thank the Lord for speaking to me so that I can grow, and go beyond where I currently find my self.

No more stuck on stupid

You see, there has been a few years in my past, of a series of some funky ups and downs that has slowly worn away at me. That wearing away caused a bit of doubt, worry, complaining etc., to creep in. This type of behavior is not typically what I do.

Sometimes, situations that are traumatic, and/or dramatic can come at you and hit you hard, and cause you to allow yourself to agree with the trauma and or drama. Life is consistently happening, it’s up to us on how we respond.

Actually we can respond with the word of the Lord, or we can react in our own way.

The later is not the move. This is exactly how I got:


I knew that there needed to be a major change in me so I began to do the work. The Intentional work that I talked about in my last blog post:

  • 1:  21 Day Detox by Dr. Caroline Leaf
  • 2:  40 Day word Fast by Tim Cameron
  • 3:  Chase the Lion book by Mark Batterson

Often times we don’t have the balls to say out loud:




Especially being a Pastor.  Pastor or not, I know what’s up, when there is something up.

As a human being, I refuse to remain the same.

What about you?

Are there some issues that you have not said out loud?

Well do not hesitate. Lets get to it!  God is waiting for your confession!

Let Him help you to change!

Let Him speak to you, and let Him break the STUPID ceiling from over your head so that you can grow, and go to the awesome place in life that He wants you to get to.

So as far as being stuck on Stupid:


Hey guys have you checked out my book? “#LoveFirst: How To Get That God-Kind of Love“.

Brandon Brown