All day, Ery day!

Question for you!

Are you a believer that believes, but never speaks to the God that you believe in? Or better yet, are you a believer that can quote scripture, but never hear from the writer of that scripture?

Upon waking up I reached for my phone to read the book that my mentor assigned me to read, Chase the Lion. The book is sensational.  While reading I heard the Lord say, “Ingrid.  Don’t forget to talk to me today.  I have some special things to say!” I immediately stopped reading that book and got my journal.  I filled up a couple of pages of instruction and wisdom from the Father that morning!  It was so good, and I’m glad God interrupted my reading so that I could spend time with Him!  That will never happen again.

  • What do you do when you get up first thing in the morning?
  • Do you read the bible?
  • Do you read and then pray?
  • Or do you pray and then read?
  • Do you listen to praise and worship music?
  • Do you listen to a podcast or sermon?
  • Do you read an inspirational book?

All of these options are good, but none of it means anything without hearing from God.

Check it out.  While I’m reading “Chase the Lion”, I am greatly inspired by what the author is saying, but Mark Batterson is not God!  His really good book does not, and cannot take the place of hearing Gods voice.  His book is really, really empowering, and I am really seeing my life with a greater perspective because of it, but I cannot let it take the place of my intimate time with the Lord.  I cannot give Mark all of my undivided attention in my intimate time, and ignore God.  I have to put God first!  I do have a strategy to get all of my reading in and it is to read in the morning during my devotion time (after I speak to God), and read at night before I go to bed.

Let me be honest with you guys. Right now my life seems so foreign to me (in a good way).  Everything around me feels so unfamiliar.

I must hear from God RIGHT NOW.

I’m having to trust God for everything at a whole new level. I am not making a move until I hear from Him. It’s not in my own thinking and strength that I want to do my life; that does not work well for me. It’s by Gods Spirit that I will do live.  (will or do)

Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord of hosts.
— Zach 4:6b

I need to hear from JESUS. PERIOD.COM

Y’all should hear me first thing in the morning and all day long seeking Gods will. Not only am I seeking Him for my life, but also for the lives of my husband, my children, my church family, and also stuff as small as which way to go when I am driving.

What I am doing is training myself to hear from the Lord in this place that I am in right now. I cannot depend on how I heard Him a few months ago. It’s a whole new ball game going on, and I need to know the strategy for this new game from the creator of the game.

Isaiah 43:18-19

I have some disciplines that I am conquering that I was not ready to even look at a few months ago. One of those things is going to the gym everyday!

I’ve made new decisions that I was not mature enough to make a year ago. God is going to help me with it all because I am acknowledging Him in all my ways so the He can direct my path.  Friends, I admonish you to do the same!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Now, don’t get me wrong. It still feels really weird. And I’m not getting it all right. Sometimes, I make a decision and realize it’s not quite correct, so I humbly say, “God I need your help”. Or I make a decision and then I hear God say, no, do this instead of that.

The bible says that the Holy Spirit teaches us all things, and shows us things to come.

John 14:26

Why would I ignore that?! Nope. I’m not going to be able to do that.

What about you?

Are you seeking God for everything, a few things, or nothing?

Do not do life without the Author of Life.

Let God talk to you ery day, all day please.  He really can help you do you better than you can!

Love you.

Mean it!

Brandon BrownComment